What Causes Chafing And Tips To Prevent It

You have purchased a new shirt, and you are experiencing some irritation. That does not have to do with the color and the size; it is probably the collar that has rubbed you the wrong way leaving your skin sore and red at the back of your neck. You can blame the pain on the friction created when the fabric comes in contact with your skin. The constant rubbing of the cloth and the skin causes chafing. Serious chafing is bound to occur on the neck, and in some women beneath their breasts where a bra elastic meets the soft skin. Click here if you are wondering what causes chafing .

The inside of the thighs also become irritated when they rub against each other or against a pair of jeans. A situation of a chafed skin can leave you feeling miserable enough to get rid of your entire wardrobe. Hence, some tips can help relieve the irritation caused by chafing. The first tip is to expose the chafed skin. It will heal faster when it is left uncovered and allowed to breathe. Although this is not possible during night time, you can make sure when you go to sleep you wear loose and cosy sleepwear so that the skin can be exposed to heal faster.  Find out about Squirrel's Nut Butter on this page.

Pick chafe-proof materials. If you are prone to have chafed skin, it is advisable not to wear clothes that are made from woollen fabrics and are scratchy. Rather, opt for fabrics that can allow your skin to breath like cotton. The other option is to try to soothe the irritation. It is recommended to use an antibiotic ointment on the affected region to reduce the inflammation and soreness. Do not use the petroleum jelly though as it blocks pores and makes the skin become sorer.

Before stepping out, dust the areas that are prone to chafing with powder. The powder makes the skin slip and assists reduce chaffing. The powder has the ability to absorb moisture which reduces friction. When you wash your clothes, make sure you rinse the soap completely from your clothes. Also, do not use detergents that are heavily perfumed with perfume softeners. Doing such things can cause skin irritation and make chafing worse.

Consider the inseams of your clothes. It is advisable not to wear pants that have heavy inseams more so when working out. Try to wear jogging pants that are made from satiny fabric as they are the best to prevent chafing. They will completely prevent friction between the thighs and the material of the cloth. Learn more by clicking here: https://www.dictionary.com/browse/chafing .